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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Honey Bee: The Survivor of Many Species of Plants

The Bee has to make 37000 trips to collect nectar for one pound honey

Who is not aware of Honey Bee? It is hardly a human thumb sized. Its brain is of pin head size, whereas weight is very nominal. 

Honey bee is recognized by many names such as Hummer bee, Bumble bee, Humming bee and Sting bee etc. People often confuse the big bee with the hive’s small bee, since they are apparently similar but in fact they both belong to exactly opposite insect’s family. The scientific name of Honey bee is Bombus Terrestris, whereas the scientific name of Hive’s bee is Apis Mellifica. Although both of these bees hum and make honey but their sizes are different, besides, there external marks, humming style and the ability of making honey are also quite different. The colony of Bombus Terrestris comprises of 100-250 members, whereas the colony of Apis Mellifica comprises of 1500-2000 members.

Basically it is a land living insect but also likes to live in the green moss present at the brink of canals etc., farms or grazing fields or in bushes. Their houses can be seen at these places after much effort and good care. Sometimes, you will see 8-10 inch wide a well balanced opening on any hill. This type of opening is ideal for searching Bombus bee.

Up till now 7 different kinds of honey bee and 44 sub-species have been recorded, but there are proofs of its 11 kinds in the history. Among all of its kinds only Apis is recognized for making honey and collecting wax. Its origination proofs are found in the history of South East Asia and Philippines. The legs of honey bee have their own importance. The baskets for collecting pollens and honey, which are called Carbiculae are only found on the body of female honey bee. The black hairs at the fourth joint of the hind legs are curled in a way that it takes the shape of a basket. There is no such basket on male bee, since they have no other work except wandering here and there.

Like termites, the colony of honey bee also comprises of some special members, which includes the queen, members and drones. The queen and members are female, whereas drones are male. The details of their activities are as under:

There is only one queen in the hive whose work is laying eggs and reproduction. There are colorful spots on its body. It is rather bigger in size as well. It is the mother of all the members of the colony. Member bees are born from the fertilized eggs, whereas drones are born from the unfertilized eggs. The unity that is found among the honey bees is dependent only on the reproductive power of the queen. The absence of queen is recognized immediately and in the twinkle of an eye the colonial unity gets disturbed.

Member bees are in fact female but unfortunately are not capable of mating and reproduction. They perform all the necessary works for the hive, which includes keeping the hive clean, storage of food, feeding the adolescents and above all they excrete wax from the glands of their abdomen for the construction of hive. This wax is very useful for making internal shelves of the hive. Besides, they also perform the duty of guards at the main gate and mixing of nectar with other mixtures for making honey is also included among their innumerable works.

After performing so many works they become somewhat aggressive. The thing is that when queen bee starts laying eggs the member bees start a parade around it and as soon as the egg is laid they engulf it. This continues for long and queen bee compels to see this drama helplessly and when member bees get exhausted, the queen bee takes advantage of the situation and becomes aggressive.

The member bees adopt rebellious attitude but seeing their losing control surrender soon and then get involved in performing other works of the hive with much dedication. Now sensing the critical situation the queen bee starts laying eggs very fast. Every bee in this colony works; male, female and member bees fulfills their duties quite well. When all the bees get busy in their household chores, you will see no other family as peaceful as theirs. They never come across scarcity of food in their hive due to their best planning.

Drones are male bees; they do not collect nectar rather their only purpose of life is mating, which is crucial for reproduction. After mating drones die soon automatically.

The life of honey bee depicts constant struggle. Besides producing honey, they collect pollens, which help a lot in the reproduction of many plants. Among all of its kinds, it would not be wrong if we say Apic Mellifica as Commercial Pollinators. The hive's full responsibility is on members bees. In case of attack they counter attack by using their sting ability and excrete special kind of pheromine in order to inform other bees about this unexpected calamity. The other bees after smelling the pheromine starts returning back to the hive and provide full support to their partner bees which compel the attackers run away.

If unfortunately, you become the victim of honey bee and if it stings, you should apply alkali that posses characteristics of sodabicarb or apply ammonia, since sting has acidic properties and refrain from rubbing the sting area with any kind of metal. Member bees inform their partner bees about the stores of nectar for honey in an amazing and unique way. For this purpose they take support of dance, they dance in a very interesting way that is called "Waggle Dance". Each kind of honey bee has their own dance style. If the flower's garden (Nectar Resource) is nearer to the hive they do "Round Dance" and if many kilometers far, they do some other kind of dance.

There colonies are the result of their collective efforts rather than individual efforts. That's why they are always seen in herds and if this herd sits somewhere, they immediately start making their hive. This type of inclination is not seen in any other "Order" of insects.

Their activities cool down with the advent of winter. When temperature falls down to 10-12o C or 40-50o F, they choose the center of the hive to make winter cluster. All of them gather around the winter cluster. Member bees move in and out near the winter cluster to maintain the temperature around 27-28o C or 93-95o F for other bees of the hive. This way none of the bees feel cold.

During winter season they survive on their storage food, but the end of this mysterious world starts with the first snowfall of winter, when the entire drones die, whereas member bees become sluggish and immobilized and only female bees are left alive in the snowfall season. These bees go in hibernation and get involved in making new family at the start of the spring season.

Besides, theirs quality of making honey, the importance of honey bees is its ability of transferring pollens from one place to another. Millions of different plants species depend on this bee for their survival. The yield of fruit gardens also raise because of this bee. It would not be wrong it we say honey bee as a construction expert and herbs expert. The struggle of honey bee can easily be guessed by the fact that it makes 37000 trips in order to prepare just 1 pound honey. A single bee daily survey 250,000 flowers for collecting Nectar and it should not be strange to know that while sucking juices of flowers, it pretends to be dead so as to keep itself safe from the attacker insects.

Nectar is only in the shape of raw material. You can collect tons of nectar but you can never make honey from it. For this purpose you need the enzymes of honey bee. Sometimes honey bee tries its level best to survive in the winter season without migration or hibernation but hardly succeed in its attempt. However, it is a fact that honey bee has provided humans so many benefits that have no precedent in this world.

People are using honey from the ancient times. It is the best alternative of sugar, which is used in abundance in various shakes without any fear. The importance of honey cannot be denied in the medical field. It is rather a cheap mixture and possesses great importance in the medical field. Injuries and wounds are easily treated by applying it. In fact honey is the mixture of many ingredients, some special are Glucose, Fructose and Salts which includes Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Sodium, Chlorine, Sulpher, Iron and Phosphate.

Besides above ingredients few vitamins like B3, B5, B6 and C are also found in honey but they are not fixed and final and change as per Nectar and Pollen availability. There is also minimal amount of Copper, Iodine and Zinc present in Honey. Honey is also considered the best Antimi Crobial Agent, which has the capability of repairing affected damaged tissues. It also provides natural resistance against bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is proved from different sources that if honey is dissolved in water and taken emptied stomach early in the morning, it is beneficial against stomach ulcer and dehydration.


It is also considered as the best scope for skin. You can use it as the best moisturizer and the conditioner for the hair as well. This may be the reason that honey is used in abundance in the cosmetics products. If you apply it with olive oil on your hair, you will get natural shine in your hair and if you are suffering from throat swelling, you will feel quite well after taking the spoonful of honey because it is filled with properties of Antimi Crobial. If you are facing allergy problems, its usage will keep you safe from seasonal allergy as well.

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tips on Assisting Your Obese Dog Reduce Weight

Pets can acquire weight similar to as humans. Perhaps you are happy with your fat, fluffy companion with that excess weight, but in fact, you are absolutely damaging your dog by enabling it to be obese. It can also be challenging to figure out when your dog is overweight since in our view a 12 pound terrier is normal weight and lovable.

On the other hand, that is the comparative of a grown-up lady having around 100 Kg. Whenever you are doubtful that your dog is gaining weight, you should help it out proceeding a long-lasting and improved lifestyle.

Conversely, you possibly will have to see your loving pet interacting with a number of similar illnesses that overweight people encounter, for instance orthopedic, heart and diabetic issues.

If you are concerned to discern, whether your dog is overweight or not, you can anytime consult your vet-doctor, however the most excellent way to know is to stare at your dog from top, to see if it has a waistline? And if it has, you will notice a minor contour in their midsection prior to it shapes out again at their butts, otherwise there will be no contour.

Now after this examination, in case your dog does not have a waistline, there is an excellent possibility your fuzzy companion requires going on dieting plan. This is a superb way to let know if your pet is over-weight, since at times a weighing machine does not reveal you the whole thing.

There are possible odds that your dog turns out to be obese as you feed them excessive meals. As opposed to people, pets continue to eat until they rupture, particularly in case you have acquired your dog from a home. Unlike cats, dogs try to eat everything they find in their way, for they may not get meals again later.

On the other hand, cats will observe their eating plan and cease consuming when they are not feeling hungry, whereas dogs will use snacks, leftovers, and anything else they can discover besides to their everyday meals.

What's more, in case you are not strolling or working out your dog, there is an excellent possibility they will obtain more bodyweight than required.

In this scenario, the most sensible thing to do is to contact the vet-physician and get a consultation. Your vet-physician knows well about the wellness of your hairy companion. It is quite simple to provide your dog less meals. Your vet-physician will also let you know after having some tests, if the excess of your dog’s bodyweight is due to unnecessary consuming or a metabolic illness.

Incase the excess bodyweight has been due to unnecessary consuming, your vet-therapist will possibly suggest a few tips. Primarily, make it certain that your dog gets work out every day. Have fun, bring it in the garden, or take your dog for jogs or lengthy strolling. All of these actions accumulate to plenty of fat losing, and they are excellent for you, as well!

Secondly, quit providing your dog snacks and desk leftovers. Majority of times we just don’t care feeding our pets, but that can actually be the main cause of the problem. And if you can’t help providing your dog snacks, seek better types such as green beans or ice.

Thirdly, make certain to evaluate your pup’s meals perfectly with the help of a calculating cup. You must recognize accurately what your dog is consuming daily to create sure it is not gaining weight.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Advantages of Possessing a Yellow-colored Labrador Pet Dog

The yellowish Labrador is a lively and entertaining associate to possess. It will secure its owner from risks and safeguard the day. In a low tone, it is an excellent interaction with family members and kids.

It is a well-known kind chiefly to those who are seeking for a reliable, devoted, brilliant and teachable dog to perform extra innovative tasks such as pursuing, smelling things, finding etc.

The in general adaptability of Labrador creates it one of the highest well-known types on the globe. Actually, the Labrador is the greatest authorized pet in Canada, the US, and the UK.

For people seeking for their subsequent pet, why not acquire a puppy of Labrador? Here under are few of the typical advantages that one may obtain when they pick a true Labrador as their favorite.

The primary advantage is that the Labrador keeps simple and teachable characteristics. Because they are brilliant types, the Labrador can quickly adhere to a guideline if it has been taught at an early age.

No marvel why the cops, the fire men, and the military forever select the Labrador as their partners for their works. They can be qualified to sign up in smelling drugs out of terrorists, alleged pushers, and blackmailers etc. The Labrador is obedient in undertaking instructions as well.

The second advantage is that the yellowish Labrador retriever possesses a variety of capabilities. One way or another, diving is one of those inherent capabilities that Labrador Retrievers contain.

As per to the initial authorized record of Labradors, these pets are usually assist the fishermen. They assist with pulling the netting of their fishers’ owners as well as in spooling in the seafood that wanders away with the get.

An additional capability of the Labradors is their eager olfaction. They can monitor the resource of a fragrance as well as figure out the direction taken by an individual. They are also able of security woofing or woofing at sounds with a hidden resource.

Thirdly, the Labradors are devoted and passionate to their owners. They possibly will not be as fancy as other types of dogs in expressing their thoughts, however be confident they are true pets. They basically put down their heads near their owner’s feet or body system.

Nevertheless in the toughest circumstances, they will battle outsiders and risks that are confronted to their owner. Actually, the impaired person even picks a reliable Labrador to facilitate them in traversing the roads. They are adoring, sympathetic, and usually shielding whenever their owner is in risk.

The final advantage is that the yellowish Labrador retriever is an inspired pet. They are dynamic and sporty in characteristics since they are recognized as to be seekers and protectors. For those who wish for to possess a dog, who are lethargic in regards to their objectives, and people who are missing power in their lifestyle should obtain a Labrador as their pet.

It is a fantastic associate for future prospects, getting quick strolls, and any other dynamic kind of action. These pets will absolutely come with their owner in whatsoever they are performing, whether it is working outs or basically having a stroll in the recreational area.

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Humans Should Treat Animals Sympathetically?

Man is a lucid animal. He diverges from the other animals by the ownership of a feature called sagacity. His sagacity facilitates him to differentiate between right and wrong.

That is, by means of his sagacity he can distinguish what is right and what is not. Man is, accordingly, higher to animals.

But his behavior towards them does not demonstrate him as such. He is higher to animals in understanding.
This understanding, in which lies his authority, has allowed him to make the animals submissive to him. So it is sought-after that he should be sympathetic and thoughtful to them.

Diverse sorts of animals serve us in dissimilar methods. The farmers are unable do anything devoid of oxen.
The cows and buffaloes provide us milk that is the most excellent of all the nourishing foods.

The people who subsist in wilderness are unable to do with no camels because they are used for transporting and hauling loads.

The horse is another true animal. It hauls carts and holds load. In a number of countries it is even used in tilling the land.

The dog is another sincere animal. It safeguards our house at night. It makes us attentive about the burglars and any other hazard.

The people, who exist in infertile regions where harvest is not grown-up, nurture sheep and goats for their profits.

Among the feral animals, the elephant is used for traveling and pulling weighty loads. Even the violent bears, tigers and lions are used to gain money for men.

However do we demonstrate our thankfulness to them by means of sympathetic behavior? The response is definite in negative.

Children especially, who are the most cruel to the animals for the sake of their sport. They often handle brutally with animals, particularly the household animals such as cats, dogs etc.

They do not recognize that what is sport to them is acute anguish or even death to others. The children should be made to comprehend that it is extremely incorrect to be ruthless to animals.

The adult people are no less pitiless to the animals. They are frequently established to impose ruthless nastiness to animals. The drivers of the bullock carts and horse wagons and the cultivators of the soil are a number of the living instances of cold blooded brutality to animals.

These people are from time to time institute to lash their bullocks and horses so nastily that blood emerges out of their bodies.

The animals are so helpful to us. They are unable to even complain for the reason that they are dumb. So we must at all times be sympathetic and thoughtful to them.

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How to Get Rid of Invisible Insects in Old and Used Furniture

Used furnishings such as mattresses, couches, and seats can dock unseen insects and carry them exactly into the home. Keep away from yard sales and used furnishings stores if at all doable.

Bed insects cover up in brown areas where they are not likely to be discovered. You may perhaps not notice existing insects, so be watchful out there for their occurrences – rust colored areas (this area was on one occasion your blood). The eggs of bed insects are beautiful white-colored and 1 mm long, and molted themes.

The Box Spring

Rise up the Box Spring and look beneath and along the joints. If you have a feeling that you may have bed insects make an opening under the Box Spring then examine the wooden shape since the insects really like the wooden shape.

Close by furniture

Examine couches, the undersides of drawers, behind the head board, particularly at hotels

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are an increasing terrorize throughout the nation. You are supposed to not choose bedding off the road, and it would be smarter to remain distant from used mattresses completely. (Even if you do not strategy to rest on a used couch bed, do not ignore there is bedding within.)

However bed insects can also cover up in night stands, desks, and other kinds of furnishings — and they are very challenging to dispose of if they have penetrated the house. In a few situations the only remedy is to toss out the majority of your things.

Bed bugs are such an increasing risk that nowadays you as well require to be careful while selecting used outfits and baggage since both can be a resource of invasion.


Fleas are a little simpler to dispose off as compared to bed bugs (although you possibly will require an established pest controller. Bed bugs appear only in the nighttime (generally in the wee-time of the morning) however fleas may strike anytime, and incase you have visitors, they are simply an excellent a meals’ resource to fleas as you’re. You might have a celebration that is actually hopping — the fleas along with your visitors!


Second-hand furnishings may not hold any living cockroaches, however if there were cockroaches in the residence the furnishings arrived from, there is an excellent possibility there are small cockroaches’ eggs in the furnishings that will produce out in your home or flat.

Methodically washing any product of furnishings you can get help to avoid invasion, however bed insects drill down so deeply into cracks that even the most extremely efficient machine cannot reach them.

Doing spray on the furnishings with pests’ killing material might also aid, however execute it sooner than you carry it into the home, otherwise the insects may perhaps simply leap out for protection. By no means employ insecticides or pesticides they are suitable for outside use. These items are extremely harmful.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bio-Luminosity –– A Technique That Sea Animals Use to Protect Themselves From Their Enemies

The sunlight can only reach to the depth of 200 m in the sea water and this is the same place where plants are found because plants need sunlight for the preparation of food. The life is highly populous at this place. Many kinds of animals and plants species are found here because food is present in abundance at this place.

The darkness starts to increase after 200 m depth in the sea. Initially it was thought that it is impossible for any living being to survive in so much darkness and deepness. But as the science continued to progress, it is revealed that the symptoms of life are also present in the extreme deepness of the sea as well.

Further researches informed that the extreme depth of the sea is as much populous as the above lighting surface. Since the sunlight is not present in the extreme depth so plants are not found here as well but there are different kinds of animals such as fish, snails, prawns, lobsters and octopus etc are found.

There is an amazing system present in the animals that reside in the extreme depth of sea for identification, communication or making the enemies to flee away. This system is known as Bio-Luminosity. Bio-Luminosity is actually a result of a chemical process.

There are special kinds of cells that are called “photospheres” in the skin of such animals that have the capability of producing bio-luminosity. There is a special kind of matter in these cells that is called Luciferine. When this matter is oxidized, a special kind of luminosity is created. This process is called bio-luminosity.

In few animals, particularly in the skins of fishes, a layer of crystals is present that serves the purpose of reflecting the luminosity created as a result of oxidation and that further increase the intensity of the luminosity and this luminosity can be seen from distant.

The process of luminosity is found in different kinds of animals and their bio-luminosity organs are found in different shapes and organization. The best capability of bio-luminosity is found in Lantern Fish. This fish is about 6 inches long. It is found in all the seas. Normally, it lives in 1200 to 3000 feet deep in the sea. The bio-luminosity cells (Photospheres) are present all over the body.

The Giant Tube Worms that are also called Beard Worms are found 5000 feet deep in the Pacific Ocean. They can be 8 feet long. The bulb-like parts on their body creates red luminosity.

The Chambered Nautilus found in Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean lives in 1800 feet depth in a daytime, whereas comes on the surface of the sea at night. It produces white-colored glittering luminosity.

Many species of Octopus found in the seas near equator line have the capability of bio-luminosity. The red light glimmers all over their body. Besides, they also have the capability to change this red luminosity according to the environment and necessity.

Viper fish also have this capability. Ribbon fish is thin and flat. It can be 10-50 feet long. It is found about 3000 feet deep in Eastern Atlantic Ocean. It fins produces red-colored luminosity.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dog’s Unmatchable Sincerity to Humans

Nevertheless, the dog is a relative of jackal, wolf and fox etc., hence, it is not as wild and fiercer as wolf, jackal or fox are, rather it is a domestic animal and easily be tamed by man, after which it shows great faithfulness and affection to man and never leaves him alone at testing times.

Dog comes in variety of shapes and sizes; some are small while others are big. Mostly big and vigorous dogs are used for hunting while small dogs are nourished by people in their homes. Some examples of big and forceful dogs are wolf-hounds and mastiffs, whereas spaniels, poodles, lap-dogs and pekinese are trendy tiny pet dogs.

Some wild dogs are very precarious and even kill wolves and tigers, when in rage and they often live on flesh. Conversely, they become very submissive and truthful after careful taming. Domestic dogs are man’s sincere friends and good servants that mainly live on milk, bread, rice and meat.

Nonetheless, at times dogs becomes mad due to some disease, and if a mad dog would happens to bite a person, a disease called hydrophobia builds up that can turns out to be the cause of a person’s death, if not taken care of in a timely manner.

Among animal’s class, dogs have proved themselves as the most intelligent animal. God has conferred them with good intellect and therefore, can perform a lot of useful toils for man after proper training.

Even dogs can be a wonderful substitute of a security guard. They are capable enough of taking considerable care of its owner’s property at night or at times when he is outside. There are dogs that drag sledges over the snow in the Polar Regions.

Normally St. Bernard types of dogs are used to look for the lost trekkers in the snow, whereas fox-hounds dogs are well-known for their intense sense of smell.

Still there are grey-hounds and deer-hounds dogs that possess magnificent sight and speed capabilities, thus helpful in following and murdering wild beasts. Amazingly, dogs can also be used in wars for conveying messages as were used in the Great War.

The most intelligent dog is supposed to be a sheep-dog for the reason that it can effortlessly takes hold of the clues and language used by its owner. In addition, it can also safeguard the herd of a sheep or goat in the same manner as his owner does.

If dogs are tamed with kindness and sympathy, they always prove as the best and the most faithful friends of man. It is not because of their wisdom or cleverness that they are considered faithful and best companion of humans but because they never yearn to leave their owner, especially in the hour of need.

As the famous adage “A friend in need is friend indeed” clarifies that a true friend is the only one that is always ready to extend his helping hand as and when required but unfortunately, it has been experimented that at trying times not only friends but also relatives and even blood relations sometimes turns coat. On the other hand a well nourished dog never thinks of repeating the same procedure.

It is an undeniable truth that everybody can leave you in poverty, adversity or at time of bad fame but a dog will always remain sincere to you. This is the reason that dog is well liked all over the world with great love and affection.

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